Complete Zip Code Saturation:
We mail to every apartment, townhome, single family home, post officebox and business in the zip codes that we mail. Most companies onlymail to select carrier routes. We don't pretend to know what customers you want, we simply mail to them all.

Largest Zones in the Industry:
You don't have to buy multiple 5,000 or 10,000 0 address zones to reach the market you really want. All of our zones are approxiamately 50,000 addresses or greater!

100% Local Advertisers:
We are a locally owned and operated small businesses. Therefore it only makes sense that we would specialize in helping other locally owned small to medium sized businesses reach their goals. There will never be any National filler ads to take business away from our advertisers!

Limited Exclusivity:
We strive to have only 2 advertisers offering the same products or services in any one magazine. You will never find 5 or 6 of the same type of offers in our magazine.

No Hidden Charges:
Our rates include ad layout assistance, professional graphic design, printing and delivery of your ad.

Advertising Campaign Flexability:
You can run one ad all year long or change it every mailing and it will never cost you anything additional.

Lowest Cost Per Piece Mailed:
When we say 'Nobody Mails To More Addresses For Less', we mean it. See for yourself. Take the total price per mailing divided by the total number of addresses mailed. This will give you the cost per address.